Pearl City Hongwanji
Affiliated Groups:
There are a number of groups affiliated with the Temple:

- Fujinkai: A women's organization that supports the temple and
                           its activities

- Dharma School: A class for children held after Sunday services

       - Project Dana:  Serving people in our community
- Wisteria Club:  Meets every Wednesday; for a calendar of Wisteria                                              Room events and activites go to this page.

- Judo Club: Teaches the sport of Judo through discipline and good                                           sportsmanship.  The Pearl City Judo Club has
                                   been in existence for over 50 years.

- Aikido Club: Teaches students to have proper mental attitude and                                             discipline when executing physical movements.

- Adult Day CareFurukawa Senior Services is the new Adult Day Care provider.  Call 808-737-4345 for more information.