Aikido means much more than practicing physical movements. Takemusu Aiki also means that the student must have the proper mental attitude and discipline when executing his or her movements. Every technique must be done wholeheartedly and with full concentration as if one's survival depended on doing that technique correctly. There is no room for complacency.
The key to Takemusu Aiki is to influence one's partner into reacting and then harmonize with his or her movements. Takemusu Aiki should be the goal of every Aikido student.

Often referred to as an "Old-Style" dojo, the Pearl City Hongwanji Aikido Dojo practices traditional Aikido as taught by its founder, Master Ueshiba, and Takemusu Aiki is an integral part of our training.

Head instructor:  Donald S. Moriyama, 8th dan

Affliation:  Aikido World Headquarters Tokyo (Aikikai Foundation)

Schedule:  Not accepting new students at this time.

Phone for information:  488-6747

Email contact:  pc

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