_____1.Death Certificate (16 or more may be needed)

_____2.Original Estate Planning documents (Trusts, Wills, etc.)

_____3Most recent Deeds and Real Property Tax bill

_____4.Most recent Federal and State Tax Returns

_____5.Life Insurance, homeowners/property insurance policy(ies)

_____6.Bank statement for each bank account for the period including the date of death

_____7.Brokerage statement for each brokerage account for the period
Including the date of death

_____8.Most recent statement for each Individual Retirement Account (IRA,
401K) for deceased and spouse, and stock certificates

_____9.Contact Social Security at or call 1-800-772-1213

_____10.Information regarding ownership in any business, limited Partnership,
limited liability company, etc.

_____11.List of collectibles, e.g., art collection, coins, stamps, Memorabilia, etc.

_____12.Outstanding liabilities, e.g., mortgage, credit cards, car payments, etc.

_____13.Date and place of marriage, if applicable

_____14.Names, addresses, date of birth, Social Security Numbers of beneficiaries

_____15.Copy of YOUR Driver’s License or other ID for signature verification

_____16.Safety Deposit Box (location and owner’s name)

_____17.Receipt for medical bills outstanding at date of death.

_____18.Change car/home ownership if deceased on title

_____19.If Federal worker, contact or call 1-888 767-6738.

_____20.If individual is a veteran, call the Veteran’s Administration.